Lu Jong Yoga Introduction

Lu Jong is an ancient Tibetan movement practice that consists of a series of flowing body movements in combination with the breath and inner awareness. Practicing Lu Jong has profound effects on the health of our body, mind and spirit. Lu Jong works simultaneously on all dimensions of our wellbeing and brings a better physical, mental and energetically health. By practicing Lu Jong, we increase more resistance towards diseases, strengthen our immune system, reach more mental clarity, and balance our emotions. Lu Jong increases our inner power, strength and inner warmth that supports our body healing capacity.

The Lu Jong movements place particular attention on the spine as the spine is energy box of our body. The Tibetan medicine is convinced that many illnesses arise by an imbalance in the spine. In addition, the spinal column is the root connecting all the body parts and organs. Disease in one of the organs can begin as a block or sensitivity in the corresponding point of the spine. Therefore, by doing movements that touch the entire spine, gently massaging each vertebra, we strengthen the organs as well as strengthening the spine. Good spinal health also means a strong support system for the body, good posture and good flow of energy. By combining form and movement, Lu Jong places gentle flowing pressure and release on particular points of the body. The effect of this is to give the channels and joints the opportunity to release blockages and to allow the blocked energies to flow once again.

According to the Tibetan medicine, we have thousands of channels that weave throughout our bodies. The health of these channels determines our overall health, since they transport the fluids of the body, like blood and lymph, as well as oxygen and the body’s more subtle vital wind, or energy. Beyond heightening our susceptibility to disease, blockages in the channels directly affect the stability of our mind, manifesting as disturbed emotions and lack of concentration. Therefore, by devoting attention to the openness and flexibility of our channels, we are simultaneously improving ourselves on the physical, mental and energetic levels. The continuous flowing movement of the body also quiets the mind as we focus attention within, sensitizing ourselves to the body’s feelings, awareness and ceasing the stream of distracting thoughts. Lu Jong is meditation in motion.

Lu Jong is accessible for all ages. The exercises are quite simple but have a very deep profound effect. Lu Jong does not require any specific flexibility.