Art of Groundwork

Groundwork knows many different levels, forms and goals depending on the learning and the development path of the human, the horse and the cooperation between the two.

The stages of learning or deepening the fundamentals of groundwork:

  • The learning, strengthening or fine-tuning of own body language, communication and interaction skills with the horse.
  • Learning a deeper ability and development of our own natural, authentic leading and guidance qualities.
  • Learn or deepen your understanding of the natural behaviour and communication of a horse and the capacity of reading the horse body language, state of mind and ntentions.  And how to apply this knowledge and wisdom to create deeper relationships.
  • Followed by the learning , developing and strengthening of your ability to establish a trustful, safe, relaxed but active cooperation with the horse, where we as human take the lead in helping the horse to find more growth, more inner strength, and balance in body and mind.

No matter which level you have or what your wish is, we tune in what is already present and start from this point towards the realization of your wishes and dreams or start with overcoming possible difficulties and make them into your strengths.

The Forms and levels of groundwork:

  • General Essential horsemanship:
    • Correctly approaching ,meeting, haltering a horse
    • Grooming, hoof and other care in mindfulness way
    • Basic and Essential education of the horse
    • Preparing the horse for the outer human world, see also outsides walks and riding trails page.
  • From basic to advanced:
    • Liberty groundwork
    • Leading groundwork
    • Gymnastic body-awareness horse training (handwork, leading, longing)