Way of working

The primarily focus of Nalini Art of Essential Horsemanship is to increase and deepen self -awareness, growth, harmony, balance and unity for and between human and horse. This includes relating both on the ground as in riding. Allowing the horse and rider to come truly together in a unique harmonious partnership.

By offering guidance to a horse, we train ourselves to be the guide the horse needs. The true relation of human and horse takes turns in who is the teacher and who is the student. Horses help us humans to remember our true nature and essence such as inner calmness, connection, softness, being present in the moment and very important clarity without tension. From this space of being in connection with our self, we can; on our turn teach and guide the horse to develop his path of growth physically, mentally or energetically. With the goal to find more inner balance and strength in the horse as well as in the cooperation with us. Working from relaxation into inner strength and balance. This unfolds in a deep development and transformation of ourselves as humans but also of our horses. It is a path of awareness and growth for both. Nalini Art of Horsemanship helps you to build a stronger inner foundation and skills on which you can rely in the work with a horse on different levels and in different forms such as groundwork, riding, forest / nature walks, gymnastics, etc. Rooted in inner calmness, we find the strength and empowered relaxation in the activity. When we find relaxation in the activity, we discover more inner space within our self and within the cooperation with the horse.  Relaxation, which is in fact activity without tension is the way to more awareness, is the way to the heart, mind and body of the horse.

Nalini Art of Essential Horsemanship guides you to strengthen your pure, natural and authentic leading qualities. Enhance your body language and horse communication & interaction skills in groundwork as well as in riding. Allowing you to be able to give direction to a horse in all circumstances.  Feeling and inner knowing of what is truly needed to enrich the horse and the cooperation. Additionally you will learn useful aids and techniques originated out of the place of inner wisdom and body language. Aids and techniques are meant as help, as support to strengthen or empower a message or question for the horse. On aid solely on itself misses the entire entry point of connection and cooperation. We believe at Nalini Art of Horsemanship the true teaching and guidance of a horse comes from teaching by example. From our true inner nature and wisdom. Soft, calm, clear and tension free borders for safety, clarity and guidance. To remain soft and relaxed in our minds, our bodies and in our hearts without losing the clarity is the school of life but also the school of true connection, working and being with horses. Ultimately we are all looking for a sense of belonging and connection. Horses also seek to fill this need and it is within our ability to truly see the horse in who he or she is.

We have chosen to name our way of working an "Art" as it is not a system. In the creating of Art, the creating energy is never fixed, nor can it be pushed. In art there is inner picture; an inner feeling that comes to its expression.  The expression or form art comes forth from is originated from a place of openness, flow, creativity, intuition, connection and openheartedness.

Life is flowing. Dance however, life makes music with you.