Nalini horses

Nalini Center as a deep bonded , harmonious herd of 7 horses. The horses are taking care off from a sincere and authentic respect. Every horse is seen as full valuable being. The stability of the herd offers each horse a profound inner calmness, restfulness and connectedness . The horses are trained and held in true friendship, in softness but clarity, and are invited, guided, motivated, and inspired to grow as much as possible to their full unique potential (mentally, physically and energetically). Every encounter / meeting, working and being together with a human being is for them also a doorway into deepening and strengthening their own personal growth and development. Although the horses are domesticated of course, we keep them as natural as possible. They enjoy an outdoor life, in the stability and safety of a true herd and have the choice to shelter or not. Their health and wellbeing is carried out from a holistic point of view, wherein each individual is supported by what is needed for their unique being.


Incka: Pinto mare - born 2002


Talisha: PRE Andalusian mare: born 2003


Quantra: Pinto mare - born 2003


Navajo: Quarter gelding: sun of Incka - born 2011


Indigo: Andalusian mare - daughter of Talisha - born 2010


Aliyanna: Pinto mare: daughter of Quantra - born 2011


Maya: Andalusian mare: daughter of Talisha - born 2011