Art of Essential Horsemanship

The primarily mission of Nalini Art of Essential Horsemanship is to increase and deepen awareness, growth, harmony and unity between human and horse. This includes relating both on the ground as in riding. Allowing the horse and rider to come together in a unique harmonious partnership.


Lu Jong Yoga

Lu Jong, a simple series of body movements done in conjunction with rhythmic breathing has profound effects on the health of our body, mind and spirit. By working with the body in this specific way, we can develop resistance to disease, mental clarity, balanced emotions and vibrant energy.

Through Lu Jong, you will find strength, stability and inner happiness.


Rent training room & facilities

Nalini Center offers its beautiful location and its facilities to teacher guests and trainers for workshops, trainings and educations primarily for those in search of expanding; their awareness, knowledge, development and growth with or without horses. We aim that all our guests feel at home and that the calmness, the peacefulness, the warmth and the cosiness of the location can enhance the learning or the experience process of the individual.