Buitenritten "Art of Outback horse riding & walks"

Outback horse riding:

What is more enjoyable then being in the nature with a horse? Riding or walking next to him or her. Being together, connected, and moving together in flow in rhythm. Relaxed and active. Awake, aware and sparkling. Feeling safe together and being in constant dialogue, communication and interaction with each other. Looking, feeling, exploring, seeing everything together. It is such a great and amazing experience to be able to share this with horse.
Going outside in this way with a horse alone or in-group requires some education for both the horse as the human.  Nalini can help you and the horse with this education and help you to grow stronger in the leading of a horse outside. A horse needs an unshakable soft, connected and clear guidance all the time. Of course, this soft and clear leading fundament is needed everywhere, but we need it even more especially outside. Outside is always changeable, things move in the world, therefor we need inner unshakable leadership/guidance and inner stability not depending on the state of mind and being of the horse, or any other external factor. With the help of awareness, natural aids and techniques originated out of place of inner wisdom and in the language of the horse, we learn or strengthen within ourselves how to help and guide a horse in all circumstances in a safe connecting way. Once this has become more natural to you, this inner knowing and supporting techniques helps to trust in ourselves, to feel relaxed in ourselves, and helps us to be able to help the horse where needed. This is true cooperation and horses love it. They love to feel to be guided this way and to feel save with their human.

Group guided trails horseback riding or forest walks

Group rides are with Nalini horses for riders and guides already well know with the Nalini way of working, guiding and riding.

A mix of walking and riding belongs also to the possibilities. We always aim for enjoyment, relaxation, fun, connectedness, this for the individual as for the whole group. We only do what everyone feels comfortable and doable for everyone, horses included. We take care of each other as a true herd, humans and horses.

Duration: 2 hours
Group fee per person: 50€

Private lessons riding or walking outside with Nalini horse(s) or you own horse


In the lessons, you learn how to:

  • To obtain or strengthen an unshakable calmness and leading of the horse that is not dependable on the state of mind or calmness of the horse.
  • To have a continues flowing, soft but very clear leading for the horse providing safety and a certain structure wherein the horse can find relaxation and trust. We establish a true, respectful cooperation with the horse of which we take the lead based on our natural leadership qualities.
  • Strengthen or learn how to guide and help a horse in all circumstances, learn how to release tensions within ourselves.
  • Learn how to help a horse to release tension, help the horse directing his attention. Help the horse to be more body aware and self-carrying.
  • Deepening & strengthen your groundwork and riding skills.
  • Help you in case you have sense of fear or tension. Or when you encounter difficulties with a horse in the outside world.

 Private educational lessons possibilities:

  • Private lessons with one of Nalini horses in either guiding the horse from the ground or horseback riding. I guide the lesson on foot.
  • Private lessons where we both go horseback riding, I guide as we ride together.
  • Private lesson with your own horse at your own location either walking next to your horse or riding. I guide on foot.

The private lesson has a minimum duration of 1 hour and a half. The maximum duration depends on your wish.  
Fee per hour: 45€

If you wish to book a lesson, or have any question. Click here